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After many years of working in the information security industry, the directors believed that the delivery of technology solutions and information assurance services needed to become more innovative and customer focused. The strength of this belief coupled with a passion to constantly improve led to the creation of CyberWhite. Since launch, with cyber security featuring in the news on a daily basis, we have built an enviable reputation for delivering the right solution on time, every time.
This ethos has allowed CyberWhite to deliver constant growth through its very loyal client base.
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We assist many well known names with risk mitigation strategies, security technologies and assurance and training.
Our client focused approach sets us apart. This is because the team at CyberWhite work with you to understand your company and the challenges you face, tailoring our solutions to specifically address the areas identified. 

Each project is then mapped back against any areas for development and aligned with the organisational risk appetite whilst following Prince2 methodologies to ensure complete visibility from inception to completion.
This ensures that from the outset, there is no opportunity for the scope to creep and organisational expectations may be met and very often, exceeded.

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