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statement for agencies

Thank you for following the link which has brought you to this page.
We assume that by arriving here, you have at least a passing interest in exploring how you might work with CyberWhite.

Congratulations, you have passed the first test of getting past the "No Agencies Please" statement.

As a people business, generally we recruit known and trusted individuals from within our network.

Historically, this approach has served us well as we invariably have a detailed knowledge of individuals personalities, capabilities and skillsets.

However, we are also aware that as we continue our growth journey, we may well need to extend our reach and engage with suitably qualified and well connected individuals and organisations.

This might be you........ you may just be the person/organisation to identify the next generation of the CyberWhite family but you will have to convince us!

As it happens, we don't believe that we are at that point just yet. However, if you would like to make us aware of your area(s) of speciality and perhaps provide an outline plan of your engagement model, we will be happy to retain this on file and review it periodically.

Please click the button below to send any information and in the subject header use the title "Website Recruitment Introduction".

Thanks again for your interest.

Best wishes,

The CyberWhite team.

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