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Alert Logic – Constant Vigilance is Key

In partnership with Alert Logic, CyberWhite can help you achieve constant vigilance with a team of 150+ security analysts who detect and respond to threats 24/7.

Learn about the challenges we can help you solve with this downloadable white paper.

Cybercrime is big business. Bad actors around the world are constantly developing new technologies and techniques to streamline the process of finding and compromising vulnerable systems to carry out nefarious activity.

Systems exposed to the internet are under constant attack by both automated and targeted attacks. Attacks are also being commoditized—enabling less technical people to mount effective attacks as well.

Download this paper to learn:

  • How cloud adoption increases attack surface
  • Why continuous monitoring is an essential component for effective cybersecurity
  • How you can get more effective security and better cybersecurity outcomes with constant vigilance
Download the white paper here

Alert Logic Constant Vigilance White Paper

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