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Heimdal Automated Patch & Asset Management

Numerous deployment tools often create confusion, slow down your reaction time and open your organisation to devastating malware and ransomware attacks.

Nearly 70% of UK companies do not have a policy in place to patch third-party applications. The sheer volume of third-party apps organisations use on a daily basis makes it next to impossible to manually keep track of all of the relevant patches. Not to mention that critical updates have to be applied within 14 days of their release. This is an alarming situation, especially considering that 86% of reported vulnerabilities enter devices from third-party applications.

Automating the patch management process enables you to avoid the disastrous impacts of serious, yet preventable attacks.

That is why the Heimdal™ Security’s Patch & Asset Management solution was born.

For all your asset management needs, our product comes with all the bells and whistles an IT manager needs in order to set up an efficient and secure AMS environment. This scalable, flexible and intuitive solution can handle both Microsoft and third-party software on the spot, from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule.


Manage assets and mitigate vulnerabilities, by the click of a button.

Ransomware attacks can cause major damage, resulting in business delays and huge recovery costs. Back in 2017, the WannaCry ransomware became one of the most devastating cyber-attacks ever seen, locking up critical systems worldwide and infecting over 230,000 computers with malware in more than 150 countries in just one day.

With Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management you will constantly have an overview of essential software, its security status and all the tools necessary to prove compliance.

By fully automating the third-party patching, our product allows a granular control over your software environment. This way, your internal resources are free to focus on more pressing matters.

With the Infinity Management module, administrators also gain the unique ability to deploy custom, in-house software and patches that are not available in the Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management catalogue.

Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management and its optional Infinity Management module provide not only automated vulnerability management but also a full Software Asset Management.

If you believe our values closely align with your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Have a great day.

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