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Heimdal Security Privileged Access Management

Insider threat and external cyber attackers’ system infiltration are ongoing threats for organisations worldwide. A Wall Street journal survey found that nearly 70% of companies say they worry about maliciaous employees.

Applying the Zero Trust Principle and limiting admin rights across IT infrastructures have become the only approach for safety. However, without a professional PAM tool, this can create more work and wasted time. Application control also emerges as an essential component of a healthy security setup.

Heimdal Privileged Access Management & Application Control is a sophisticated access governance solution that allows for both escalation and de-escalation of user rights. When used in tandem with Heimdal’s threat prevention, detection, and hunting suite, it becomes the only software on the market to automatically de-escalate users’ rights, should any infection be discovered on the machine, and the only app and privilege control suite that supports both Blacklisting and Whitelisting for apps in tandem with PAM.

The Privileges and Application Control line-up effectively secures the three major areas of your IT access infrastructure, ensuring everything works smoothly and threats are kept away: privileges management, app control and auditing.

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with Privileged Access Management & Application Control.

With Heimdal Privileged Access Management, role assignation is very flexible (the dashboard allows you to quickly define and commit modifications to your roles), easy to use, and can have powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities.

Heimdal offers the worlds only option to run either or combine Privilege Access Management and Application Control. These two cybersecurity practices have multiple advantages for a corporate network. Not only do they optimise the company’s traffic and workflows, but hey maintain a safe digital environment by restricting or blocking questionable access attempts.

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