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Heimdal Security Threat Detection Endpoint

Today’s continuously evolving threat landscape has made it easier for cybercriminals to bypass behaviour and code scanners like antivirus or firewalls, unleashing devastating ransomware attacks or data breaches that can seriously damage businesses.

Recently, 51% of organisations have been low-rated in compliance assessments due to their lack of effectiveness in mitigating third-party remote access risks.

Achieving great cybersecurity is a complex mission – but not an impossible one. The best strategies include being informed and implementing powerful, effective solutions that can protect your IT infrastructure, buy you additional time, and help you achieve compliance.

Deploy cutting edge technology.

Over 10,000 malicious domains are removed monthly in the UK, by one agency alone. According to the IDC 2020 Global DNS Threat Report, nearly 4 out of 5 organisations have experienced a DNS attack in 2020.

Heimdal is the market leader in DNS level threat prevention accredited by the FBI and RBS Banking Group.¬† Their Threat Prevention is the world’s most advance DNS product, providing a layered security approach to protecting business endpoints from next day threats.

Using innovative Threat-To-Process Correlation technology, the Darklayer Guard filtering engine can identify attacking processes and provide HIPS capabilities for endpoints.

Through advanced machine learning algorithms, VectorN Detection add-on detects 2nd generation malware strains that no other product can see, effectively delivering a HIDS at the machine traffic layer.

By blocking threats at the DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS level, the Darklayer Guard and VectorN Detection will not only stop active attacks, but also accelerate your investigation process.

Apart from its unique threat hunting capabilities, Heimdal’s Threat Prevention Endpoint has an added potential of integrations with the rest of their Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response suite, allowing you to cover all fronts of cybersecurity defences from the same unified interface. The individual solutions which converge into the EDPR suite can also be chosen and combined according to your organisational needs.

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