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Secure your login with authlogics

Authlogics provide a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional authentication methods allowing businesses to use a simple, secure and NIST compliant password policy for their users as well as securing the login process with passwordless and deviceless MFA.

These technologies allow companies to move to a world without passwords preventing phishing, account takeover and compromised credentials. Replacing passwords has already proven to increase employee productivity, reduce helpdesk costs, save companies time, and secure critical company apps, devices and data.


The Authlogics Password Security Management (PSM) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions provide an integrated suite of tools allowing IT managers to improve their overall security posture and give businesses a simple, secure, and compliant authentication method for their users. End to end authentication:

Password Security Management prevents breached passwords from entering your organisation and ensures ongoing NIST SP 800-63B compliance via real-time and scheduled monitoring and remediation. PSM also prevents password sharing and provides user self-service password reset with built-in free OTP support.

Not only can Authlogics implement secure passwords, they can also remove them by replacing the password as a knowledge factor with one or multiple other factors. The Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication provides multiple knowledge and device based, as well as biometric, alternatives to a password in a single solution for both on premises and cloud applications.

Having been awarded Best Password Security & Compliance Specialists two years consecutively from AI Cyber Security Awards, Authlogics is industry-led and provides a Gartner recognised* passwordless authentication solution for the marketplace.

We offer solutions that are easy and quick to deploy offering fast results. We stay at the technical forefront of the industry to help customers authenticate their employees, partners, contractors, and customers. We believe in keeping things simple, which is why we are easy to do business with. Security is at its best when it is not complicated which makes for a better end-user experience. We stand apart from the rest with fresh thinking.

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