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Delivering a Comprehensive Guide to GDPR with our GDPR Compliance Packages

At CyberWhite we specialise in GDPR compliance projects and provide comprehensive support and consultancy to ensure you are working within the requirements of the regulation. Our expert team will work with you to understand how and where the regulation is applicable to you and build robust policies and processes to ensure ongoing compliance.

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is the current most authoritative privacy regulation. It applies to all organisations processing personal data. This means that you are responsible for the privacy and security of personal information; it removes the risk element from how personal data is stored and adds transparency to how it is processed. Significant penalties can occur if the legislation is infringed including the ability to stop you processing data.

Is Your Business GDPR Compliant?

The first phase of our engagement is to identify the data flow within your business. Our team will firstly assess what data you have, how the information is sourced, what you need to keep and delete, your retention period, and who has access to the information.


Using a GDPR gap analysis, we identify areas where possible breaches exist. Following from this we conduct a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA); a key requirement of the legislation. Key stages of DPIA include threat credentials, impact identification, evaluation of vulnerabilities and identifying the privacy of risks. From there we will work with you to develop a risk treatment plan.

Remediating Compliance Gaps

The implementation phase is for you to remediate the risks identified, implementing controls to reduce them to acceptable levels. This is all supported by our dedicated team of subject matter experts.

GDPR compliance is not a single activity, it requires ongoing monitoring to ensure that you are adhering to the legislation. That’s why the dedicated team at CyberWhite will work directly with you and your staff to ensure that your organisation meets all of the relevant areas of the legislation.

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