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Outsourced Virtual security team Delivering Full it Security advice and support

At CyberWhite, we offer a fully comprehensive, outsourced security service comprising of risk assessments and ongoing security advice and mitigation. This provides you with your very own dedicated Virtual Security Team (VST). The VST delivers unparalleled support including network architecture reviews, technology effectiveness assessments and information assurance advice.

On-Site Support

Each element is maintained by on-site support, delivering active recommendations for improvements.
Where required we also source appropriate technologies, building them specifically for you; including deploying, configuring and supporting them. It doesn’t stop at technologies. You will also have access to our comprehensive knowledge base covering areas as diverse as risk management, GDPR, and ISO27001.
In addition to the technologies and services, we also provide staff on short, medium and long term contracts.

With CyberWhite as your VST, we simply become an extension of your organisation, so you can focus solely on the success of your business.

Key areas that typically fall within the scope include:

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  • Financial, reputational, and regulatory risk exposure to data loss.

  • Comparative risk to peer organisations of similar operation and scale.

  • Risk Assessment and risk profile of third parties.

  • Alignment with best-practice and protection against known threats.

  • Protection against emerging threats, such as social networks, crimeware, and advanced persistent threats.

  • Exposure to regulations such as the Data Protection Act, by taking a data-centric approach; analysing data flows, repositories, people, processes, and third parties. Ensuring that your security programme has a solid grounding.

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