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anti-phishing platform  

Today, targeted phishing attacks are bypassing secure email gateways and many of them go undetected for weeks.
Many employees also lack the skills to detect phishing or ransomware emails and this coupled with slow, manual, post spam filter detection times simply compounds the issue.

Another challenge is that most traditional email phishing platforms and incident response solutions are not well integrated and orchestrated within the cyber security stack. As a result, the threats are not automatically removed from the endpoints or network.

IronScales has created an incredibly comprehensive, anti-phishing platform with a high degree of educational training and phishing testing built in to help address this challenge.

A key benefit is that this removes the burden of holding training classes for employees.
The training has been embedded into the product, thus ensuring that your staff remain vigilant.

Finally, the automatic remediation and ability for users to flag suspect mails ensures that IronScales is constantly protecting your environment and ensuring that you remain secure.

fully automated phishing prevention, detection & response 

The Anti phishing solution from IronScales provides a complete suite of anti phishing products, each designed to solve a wide range of major challenges.

These include:

  • Ironsights: Advanced mailbox level anomaly detection
  • Irontraps: Automated phishing forensics, orchestration and response
  • Federation: Real time actionable P2P phishing intelligence sharing
  • Themis: AI driven virtual security analyst
  • Ironschool: Simulation and phishing awareness training

why deploy ironscales?

    Best anti phishing software for prevention and detection

   Best anti phishing software for automated forensics

   Best anti phishing software for automated incident response

   Best orchestration

   Best anti phishing software for intelligence

   Multi award winning software including Silver award in the 2018                        InfoSecurity Product Guide and Emerging Vendor in the 2017 CRN Awards.

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