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combating cyber threats with artificial intelligence

threat identification 

Darktrace’s pioneering technology, the Enterprise Immune System, applies AI to the cyber defence challenge for the first time, and has proven itself successful in detecting cyber-threats that existing, legacy systems cannot.
Darktrace is powerful enough to identify a diverse range of threats at their earliest stages – including insider attacks, latent vulnerabilities, cloud-based threats and state-sponsored espionage.
In 2016, Darktrace’s leadership in AI was reinforced with the launch of the first-ever autonomous response technology, Darktrace Antigena. This innovation allowed the Enterprise Immune System to react to in-progress cyber-attacks in a highly precise way, giving security teams the time they desperately need to catch up.
In November 2017, the company announced a new business unit, Darktrace Industrial, dedicated to fighting threats in industrial and SCADA networks, building on a strong base of customers that use Darktrace AI to protect critical national infrastructure and operational technology.

autonomous response to in-progress cyber threats 

Powered by Darktrace’s multi-award-winning AI, Darktrace Antigena is an autonomous response solution that takes action against in-progress cyber-threats, limiting damage and stopping their spread in real time.

The technology works like a digital antibody, intelligently generating measured and proportionate responses when a threatening incident arises, without impacting normal business operations. This ability to contain threats using proven AI is a game-changer for security teams, who benefit from the critical time needed to catch up and avoid major damage.

Darktrace Antigena works across your business and takes action in the network and in the cloud.

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