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cyber risk rating & threat intelligence

threat led security 

The Orpheus’ government accredited cloud-based platform fuses threat intelligence and cyber risk rating expertise with your live vulnerabilities and those of your third parties so that you can stop cyber risks before they happen.

The groundbreaking platform collects huge volumes of cyber threat data which is then analysed using machine learning and an array of sophisticated technologies plus a team of highly skilled analysts.

This powerful platform enables you to monitor and mitigate cyber risks to both your company and the companies you work with.

focus on the threat, not the vulnerability.

The team at Orpheus has developed a fundamentally different, threat-led approach to cyber risk rating.

Orpheus combine their unique understanding of the threat to any company with a detailed insight into the current vulnerability of that entity. By working in this way, Orpheus is able to accurately calculate the likelihood of the entity being the victim of a cyber attack. 

The Cyber Risk Rating Summary reports detail the findings and set out clearly how to reduce the identified vulnerabilities. This means that you can address and stop cyber risks before they happen.

the orpheus solution: 

Risk & Orpheus doesn’t just provide data like some solutions do. 

With a subscription to the Orpheus’ Threat Intelligence platform you receive a complete understanding of your cyber risks at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Understanding that is:






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