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Network modelling & risk scoring

making informed decisions using network modelling 

The primary input for your network model comes from configuration files RedSeal takes in from switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers. RedSeal integrates with your public cloud and private cloud managers
to include all your network environments in the network model. And, RedSeal imports host and vulnerability data from vulnerability scanners and other sources.

This network modeling is done without agents, span ports or taps and without being in line with production traffic or consuming net flow data.

using patented algorithms to track data movement

With this information, RedSeal uses its patented algorithms to calculate an accurate model of your network and how data can move through it. You can liken this to the roads on a map. RedSeal can show you how (or if) data can move from any point to another with network modelling.
Next, in network modelling, RedSeal overlays the host and endpoint information, along with identified vulnerabilities. This is like placing houses and buildings along the roads – with information about broken doors and windows.
But, this is not a map, it’s a model. A visual, responsive model you can update daily, ask questions and learn from.

find out how redseal benefits a wide range of organisational areas managed by:

 Risk & Compliance Managers

 Vulnerability Managers

Incident Responders

 Network Security Personnel

Network Operations Personnel

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