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network security policy orchestration 

automating policy management

Tufin is a security policy management company specialising in the automation of security policy changes across hybrid platforms while improving security and compliance. The Tufin Orchestration Suite supports next-generation firewalls, network layer firewalls, routers, network switches, load balancers, web proxies, private and public cloud platforms and microservices

manage security polices on multi vendor firewalls

The award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite is a policy-centric solution for automatically analysing risk, designing, provisioning and auditing network security changes. Tufin reduces the attack surface and minimises disruptions to critical applications. Its network security automation enables enterprises to implement security changes in minutes instead of days with continuous compliance and increased agility.

Key elements of the Tufin suite include

 Orchestration Suite: Network policy orchestration for provisioning & audit of changes

 Secure App: Manage connectivity and policy from a network perspective

 SecureChange: Continuous compliance and auditable change process

 SecureTrack: Security policy management for multi vendor firewalls

 Tufin Iris: Security policy management for public clouds

 Tufin Orca: Security orchestration for DevSecOps, containers and microservices 

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As the market leader of award-winning Security Policy Orchestration
solutions, Tufin provides enterprises with the ability to streamline the management of security policies across complex, heterogeneous
environments. With more than 2,000 customers, Tufin automatically
designs, provisions, analyses and audits network security configuration
changes - from the application layer down to the network layer –
accurately and securely. It assures business continuity with a tight security posture, rapid service delivery and regulatory compliance across physical, private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

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