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deliver and enforce organisational policies and procedures

automating policy management

NETconsent helps organisations gain visibility of staff awareness and understanding of polices

and procedures by enabling the fast and efficient roll out of new or revised policies with the ability
to report whether employees understand them. It also aids compliance with regulatory requirements.

NetConsent acts as a repository for all your polices. It's equally effective as either a stand alone solution
to support your ISO27001:2013 document set or can encompass a much broader range of services
including ISO9001 and your own, internal policies and procedures. Put simply, NetConsent is a scalable solution that is designed to flex and grow with you.

mastering the policy life-cycle

The intuitive NETconsent solution may be used to simply create, manage and edit your company’s policies and procedures.
These can then be deployed and implemented within minutes ensuring all staff have complete visibility in real time.
Once distributed, you can check your team’s knowledge and use the results to highlight areas for improvement. This provides you with a detailed, real-time reporting system, providing a clear overview of your teams’ progress.

Key elements of NetConsent include

 Policies may be easily enforced

 Maximises user adoption through the Learning Management System (LMS)

 Promotes cyber security awareness

 Mitigates Risk through increased awareness

Delivers proven, reported compliance

 Bespoke, tailored distribution dependent upon relevance and job roles

find out more about the benefits of netconsent

NetConsent continues to evolve as a solution and now encompasses some
fantastic new features including:

Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to enable you to educate
    and assess your teams latest training modules.

Cross platform capability means that the app is available on mobile, tablet
    or laptop, thus ensuring 24/7 x 354 visibilty.

Partnered with leading Gartner content provider MediaPRO to deliver the
    very best in E-learning content

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