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real time vulnerability analysis and risk modelling 

Kenna Security was built on the premise that cyber risk must be managed as an enterprise wide effort.

The Kenna security SaaS platform is designed to be simple to use.
You don't need to be an expert to use the system because the expertise is already built in, which promotes trust, adoption and cooperative risk mitigation.

It works by continuously analysing vulnerabilities in real time and prioritises remediation through predictive risk modelling and is trusted by many Fortune 100 companies spanning nearly every major vertical.

How does it work?

Kenna Security integrates vulnerability scan data with big data analytics and multiple exploit feeds to predict the risk of a vulnerability being exploited.
It calculates risk scores for your enterprise, organisations and critical asset groups.
Remediation guidance prioritises patches that have the greatest risk reduction.
Actionable results are achieved within hours of installing scan data.

why deploy kenna security?

    Data driven remediation prioritisation

    Predict and prevent attacks before they happen

   More than 13 million assets currently protected

   Over 15.2 billion security events identified

   One third of the false positives compared with         CVE's (7k vs 25k)

    Twice as efficient as CVSS (61% vx 31%)

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