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secure communication made simple

how does zivver help?

Best practice and legislative demands are driving a significant change in the way we deal with data.
Communication is a key part of this and of course, it must always be secure.
Zivver addresses this by offering security at three essential moments in the life of your data.
These are:
Before sending: By checking the recipient and the content.
During sending : By protecting against hackers with encryption and TLS.
After sending: By keeping control through logging and the retrieval of messages.

the comlete platform for data security

In the case of a threat, ZIVVER alerts the user with a warning that must be addressed before moving forward with sending the email. Even if a mistake occurs after the alert, the platform provides the option of email retraction for original and forwarded recipients.

Additionally, it is possible to set a message expiration date. This feature is useful for information security but also for other business applications too.

business benefits of zivver

    Real time monitoring of recipients, email and attachments

    Email retraction

    Two factor authentication for accessing email

   Web and mobile applications

   File sharing up to an incredible 5TB

    Asymmetrical encryption

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