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software defined perimeter

Its time to update the way we approach network access and security. Its now possible to leverage the cloud and the internet
to build a global, zero trust private network that is agile and scalable enough for the way we do business today.

With the Meta Network-as-a-service (NaaS) you can now rapidly connect user devices to applications in the data centre
and the cloud and secure them with a software defined perimeter.
Meta NaaS is user centric rather than site centric making it the ideal solution for the network security challenges that 
businesses face today - from providing user friendly remote access to connecting cloud infrastructure and reducing
management costs.


The Once upon a time, we all worked at an office. The applications and data we required were all
stored nearby.
The security perimeter made sense and it usually worked.
Of course times have now changed. We can now work from everywhere and our applications are rapidly migrating to the cloud. Despite this paradigm shift, our network and security perimeters are typically, still
following traditional 20th century thought processes and organised around the physical topology of offices and data centres.
Meta Networks allows you to bring the whole process into the 21st century whilst enhancing the user experience and simultaneously improving security.

why deploy meta networks?

   Enhanced security through a software defined perimeter in the cloud

   Zero Trust NaaS (Network Authentication & Access Server)

   Always on VPN access

   Seamless user experience

   Centralised management and on-boarding

   Cloud delivered network security

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