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vulnerability lifecycle management

With Rapid7, security professionals gain the clarity, command and confidence to safely drive innovation. Rapid 7 makes it simple to collect operational data across systems, it eliminates blind spots and unlocks information so that you may securely develop, operate and manage your sophisticated applications and services. The highly intuitive analytics help transform your data into key insights meaning that you can quickly predict, deter, detect and remediate attacks and obstacles to productivity. Armed with Rapid7, you can feel confident that you have the insights required to safely move your business forward.

a solid, next generation analytics platform

The Rapid7 main dashboard displays a of lot information, all clustered around a map that shows ingress locations to the enterprise. In addition to the integrations with third party tools, UserInsight integrates with the Rapid7 suite so that data from several Rapid7 tools can be aggregated and analysed. With vulnerability management solutions for infrastructure and applications as well as penetration testing and intrusion analytics, Rapid7 provides a suite of enterprise ready solutions to secure the modern infrastructure and application environment.

key elements of the rapid7 suite

insightVM: Vulnerability Management

insightAppSec: Application Security in the Cloud

insightIDR: User Behaviour Analytics and SIEM

insightOps: IT Operations

insightPhish: Phishing Simulation

Metasploit: Penetration Testing

komand: Orchestration and Automation

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