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insider threat detection and prevention

Lepide is a provider of change auditing solutions to help IT teams increase security, streamline systems management and meet compliance mandates.

Through a simple, yet intelligent platform, Lepide offers instant value to organisations looking to prove compliance whilst securing unstructured data by providing the insight you need, when you need it.

Lepide provides a cost effective, scalable solution to audit and monitor changes that take place across your critical systems.

This includes Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, File Servers and Office 365 (online).

Audit, control & manage your I.T infrastructure

Insider threats pose the biggest risk to your network as the users have legitimate access to your systems and are therefore difficult to detect.

Lepide Auditor helps address and mitigate this risk through:

Helping detect and prevent privilege abuse 

Detecting and preventing the spread of ransomware

Helps demonstrate compliance with GDP

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Get a full 30 days to test Lepide Auditor please click the link below. 

The trial will provide real time alerts and help keep track of inactive users whilst providing the detail around who, what, where and when any changes to critical systems were made. 

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