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insider threat protection

ZoneFox monitors user behaviour and data movement both on and off the network and instantly alerts you to anomalous and suspect behaviour. 

ZoneFox provides 360 degree visibility of activities around your data including the the who, what, where and when.

The result? Your security posture is strengthened, sensitive information is protected and regulatory compliance is supported. Ultimately, ZoneFox allows you to take action before a risk becomes a major security incident. 

lock down insider threats

ZoneFox provides complete visibility around your data which means you know what's happening with it, both on and off your network. Remote workers, after hours commitments and changing practices all point towards an increased threat to your data, either accidental or malicious. 

The straightforward, intuitive and fully customisable rule engine means that you can secure sensitive data, in seconds, from anywhere in the world.

ZoneFox Augmented Intelligence (AI) also helps secure your business critical data and bolster your security posture from the moment you switch it on.
Compliance, malware, business policy violations and anomalous behaviour - it's all covered.

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 Intelligent analytics to quickly and consistently identify risk

Detects complex threats which many competing solutions can't

Unique architecture and 5-factor model delivers clear, noiseless, actionable alerts on   anomalous behaviour 

Zero-configuration agent means breakneck speed deployment & instant protection

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