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RiskXchange Webinar – How to manage the risk posed by your supply chain.

Our webinar held with RiskXchange on how to manage the risk posed by your supply chain is now available to download and view on demand.

Please scroll down for instructions on how to download your own copy of the recording.

About this event

With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, it is important to ensure that your new vendors meet industry-based cybersecurity standards.

In our webinar, hosted by Darren Craig, CEO at RiskXchange, and Crayson Jenkins, Vice President of Sales at RiskXchange, we explain how you can manage the risks that your supply chain can present to your cyber defences.

We will also talk you through how you can integrate the procurement process into your third-party risk management policy (TPRM) to filter out any vendors with glaring security vulnerabilities. As a result, it will help secure your network infrastructure and data while safely expanding your ecosystem.

The webinar will allow you to:

– Identify the risk causes against your defences learn how to mitigate them.

– Protect your business from the impact of a data breach.

– Alleviate security standards and create a secure environment for your data.

– Mitigate evolving cybersecurity threats by advancing your vendor security processes.

About Darren Craig:

Our founder and CEO, Darren Craig, is a cyber risk guru who has worked in the industry for more than 10 years. He specialises in all things related to cyber risks, including network security, third-party vendor risk management, and cybersecurity compliance.

About Crayson Jenkins:

The Vice President of Sales at RiskXchange, Crayson Jenkins is a veteran in the security industry. He has helped the world’s most prominent tech companies, like IBM, reach new levels of success using his in-depth knowledge of sales and technical understanding of cybersecurity.

Download the webinar recording here.
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